Father's and Fathers' & President's and Presidents'

As I was typing out a Fathers' Day message to my dad and brother, I noticed my iPhone tried to correct me. See, I like to use plural possessives for the following:

Fathers' Day
Mothers' Day
Presidents' Day

But Apple prefers the singular possessive, Father's Day.

Not true for Presidents' Day. For some reason, we have only one correction option, and the options aren't the same:

Here's a quick reminder in standard ' (apostrophe) use in North American English:

Type Example Possessor
Single owner/possessor Rollie's mustache is glorious. Rollie- Singular (one person owns the mustache)
Plural The cats' litter box emitted odors. Cats- Plural (a group owns the litter box)
Dual Thelma and Louise's car was a beater. Thelma and Louise-plural (two individuals own the car)

I prefer the consistency of thinking the holiday is to celebrate being a father, not being my father. Same with presidents and moms. The plural possessive makes the holidays more universal. Apple's chosen grammar is saying that Presidents' Day is a day to celebrate presidents, but Father's Day is a day to celebrate (one) father, presumably yours. I like the universal version more, so that's what I use.