A Good Shutdown

The other day, President Trump tweeted:

" ... Our country needs a good "shutdown" in September to fix mess!" the other day.

But I'd like to ask the President a question. What is a "good" shutdown besides being one that helps your administration, but hurts millions of citizens and visitors?

It's an interesting word, good. It immediately reminded me of Teddy Roosevelt calling the Spanish-American War "splendid." Teddy's quote goes on the explain what he meant; it was good for America, which is certainly debatable.

Trump means the same thing, except that it would be good for his administration. He would use the opportunity to blame the opposition party. Trump always needs a foil, so this will give him the opportunity to look like the good guy to the Democrats' bad guy.

Just one problem, though. Trump got the order mixed up and started blaming Democrats for his "good" shutdown too early. There are not one, or two, but three tweets accusing his opposition of wanting to shut down the government before he labeled it so creatively--splendid is a better word choice. Oops. Not so "good" after all, is it?

You can't blame others for the shutdown and then show that you agree with it. Well, maybe you can. But will it work?