Fox News and the Celebration of 'Merica over Them

I saw this video from Fox News the other day and got to thinking about how dangerous and disgusting it is, and keep in mind that this is the attention-grabbing introduction to the show--the final hour at least. Please watch it before reading on, and listen carefully for joy in the voices of the hosts.

First off, I will preface my words with the following: The members and sympathizers of ISIS get no sympathy from me. None. I will lose no sleep and import little sadness over their deaths. They have dedicated their lives to bringing death and suffering to anyone who does not accept their views of Islam. Not to mention, they actually want to die as soldiers of their god and invite the opportunity to meet him, as they would likely put it. So good riddance.

While I will not be sad, neither will I celebrate death or the might of American firepower as Fox is want to do.

I find Fox dangerously beating the drums of war and this type of celebratory ode to death, brought to you by the dulcet tones of a Mr Toby Keith, is the type of nationalism that leads people to hate and to dehumanize the enemy. With a hated and a sufficiently dehumanized enemy, the government can use emotion to manipulate and control the citizenry and even pass dangerous laws with their tacit approval.

America did this before. During WW2 the Japanese were dehumanized in the media, and subsequently, laws were passed that today we find embarrasing, gross, and unrepresentative of what makes America America.

While the dons at Fox News may be absolutely giddy about the prospect of killing the enemy, I am not. I'm in fact a bit sad that ISIS appeals to any human, and would rather work to ensure ISIS and other Islamic death cults have their hatred fall on deaf ears.

ISIS fighters now need to die, but there was a time when they didn't, when they could've been steered toward helping humanity and not destroying it. Dropping bombs on people is not an opportunity for celebration, it's on opportunity to reflect on how a vile ideology like those held by members of ISIS takes root instead of peace and love.

Let's remember this as Fox news attempts to woo us with the siren song of powerful weaponry and hatred toward the enemy. Be aware as the calls for war mount. Hear the drum beat of war, even when it arrives with rythmic guitars and a soothing twang alongside giddy FOX faces.