Pittsburgh's Dedication to Bikes

Pittsburgh has some new bike lanes coming in, which may be part of the reason Bicycle Magazine named it America's 21st best city to ride in, up a staggering 14 places in one year. The new lanes are not only getting more people on bikes, but they are also helping to create a vibrant and economically thriving downtown, something Pittsburgh has been needing for some time. Check out the video and notice what a great mayor they have.

These projects aren't just popping up without good civic leadership, strong public voices, and local voting. Bike lanes like Pittsburgh's and those all around downtown Portland happen because people care about their communities as much as they do about national affairs. We recently got some nice bike lanes here in downtown San Jose. With help from strong community leaders, especially the mayor-elect Sam Liccardo, San Jose is embracing the future, a projected 40% growth in the next 25 years. So make sure you are as vocal as you are passionate, and advocate, vote, and ensure that your local leaders are making life easier and bikier.

Via grist.com.

Video again, on Vimeo