Style Guide

This style guide is slightly based on that by the website, Medium. Overall it is my version of rules I want myself to follow when writing and curating this site. It is based on standard uses of English alongside my version of correctness for American English. If you have yours, good for you.


Every post will have a title (that is written after the article has been written). If there is no title, the first few words of the post will be used. Subtitles will be sparse because they're usually nauseating.


Since I write in Markdown, the formatting of all posts is determined by the CSS of my site host and designers and chosen template, which I am likely to change yearly or so.

I write in Markdown because I don't want to learn HTML and WYSIWYG editors stink, especially since my posts begin in Ulysses and take time to craft. Links and images, bold and italics, are too slow in those editors. Ulysses wins.


Images are to be used when appropriate and not otherwise. I am fine with words carrying the meaning alone. If there is an image that is pertinent to the content, it will be added. If not, the words will stand for themselves.

When possible, image will be either 600px wide if oriented in landscape or 800px long if in portrait mode. I am biased towards landscape orientation since it is the orientation of computer/TV/Cinema screens. And human vision.


Mistakes are inevitable. If you find on, please let me know so it can be fixed. At all times will clarity be a guiding principle. If a standard grammatical rule is (knowingly) broken, it will probably be for the sake of clarity.


I will use American English standard spelling because that is what comes naturally. I appreciate the differences, but consistency is a virtue. If I use an alternative spelling, it rhetorical and purposeful.

Oxford Comma

Will be used, because it's correct.


Will be used to draw attention to something


Will be used to refer to a word itself or a non-English word. Italics will not be used to draw attention to a word or topic.

Caps Lock

Will not be tolerated, even for heading of this section.


Despite being a fan of The New Yorker, umlauts will not be used wherein two consecutive vowels both serve as a morpheme boundry and a pronunciation change indication. For example, I will use reelection, and not reëlection. I don't simply do this because I'm American; it's because most people don't know what the umlaut signals to The New Yorker. And I don't have the emotional energy for that anymore.


Colors will be used to indicate links instead of underlines.


Will be for the title of books and not for links or to draw attention.


Books will be Underlined, Magazines will be Italicized, Article titles will be in quotation marks, and Movies and TV Shows will be in Title Case only. All other titling will also be in Title Case as well.


Fonts may change, but they will generally be Sans Serif and a medium weight, so as to fit an aesthetic without being distracting


Will be used to compound adjectives, especially when a number is in involved, or for other rhetorical purposes.


Will be used to offset textual information that is relevant but less important for the reader.


Will occur at the end of most posts from hence (4/26/17) forward. Maybe.

TL;DR stands for too long; didn't read, which I love for a few reasons. 1) It's a summary that reminds me to write such that the TL;DR is easy to write. If I'm a mess, it's tough to write. If I'm clear, it isn't. 2) I like that it's grammatically correct in that it uses a semicolon instead of a comma, a common error in English, but not French. 3) It's simple, and because of that, catching on.

Editorializing is fine

I will editorialize my headlines because this a blog and not "the news," which shouldn't editorialize in the headline, but does. When I say, "Trump stupidly says ..." That is not the same as the New York TImes saying it. They should leave the commentary for the content the way journalism etiquette dictates. (Now that's an editorial!)


If people want to pay me for ads on this site, sure.


When I feel it is necessary to do so, I will source what I write. If you feel I should source something and haven't, let me know please.